Tradinnovazione is an Italian innovative Start-up founded in 2016 by Rosalia Filippone and operating in Custom Made Shoes Manufacturing and Digital Design. In the land of the master craftsmen’s workshops and renowned footwear industry, Tradinnovazione is born yearning to rethink the traditional footwear production system by applying a new approach. Through the research of new digital instruments and developing a more flexible design process, we are creating the cutting-edge technology that supports the traditional craft techniques. The final result is a bespoke and long lasting product, crafted through a unique process that combines stylistic skills, digital technology, sustainability and traditional Italian craftsmanship.



Our founder:


Founder and designer, Rosalia Filippone is born and raised in Italy where, since her childhood, she cultivated her passion for fashion design, especially for shoes.  After a career spent working closely with a wide range of companies as Account Manager&HR and Business Organization Consultant, Rosalia started in 2013 a training course in design at CERCAL, International School and Research Footwear Centre. As a result, in 2015 she obtained the Certificate of Designer and pattern maker, winning in the same year the CERCAL LAB competition. This, along with her management skills and all the collaborations and connection with professionals and craftsmanship companies in the high fashion shoe business, leads Rosalia to build her own design company, Tradinnovazione.  


Our logo:



Why a little bird?

Because we are constantly inspired by Nature. It is there that we instinctively looked at, in search for an image that could represent Tradinnovazione and its values. We discovered the Ploceidae, or weaver, a small African passerine bird which is an industrious manufacturer who combines technique and the employ of natural materials to create elaborate woven nests of different size and shape. We immediately felt a close bond with it, finding that it deeply reflects our mentality and the philosophy behind our work.



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