It's all about the balance.



We find our inspiration in Nature, where beauty is the harmonic combination of unique and original signs that evolve into new lines, colors and materials, retaining their own identities. In our vision, style and personality are intimately linked and they persist in time. Clean lines enhance our idea of elegance and beauty as a harmony between lightness and complexity, as is Nature. Our manufacturing is carried out with mastery and care by experts representing the Italian excellence. Our Bespoke shoes are proudly made in Italy.



We believe in technology as a tool, not as the ultimate aim. We choose to freely express our identity through a process where technology unleashes the creativity. This is the reason why we are investing in developing our instruments, to support the manual labor preserving the richness of the craftsmanship and the value of recovered expertise. Our organizational and productional model introduces, from the design phase to the production, a series of flexible tools that enrich the possibilities and opportunities in the footwear industry.



Tradinnovazione is the synthesis of the values on which we founded our company. It is a declaration of independence from the traditional model, a reflection on how to act and choose, respecting our values and maintaining our identity. We made our beliefs to be our mission, therefore Tradinnovazione produces only shoes completely custom-made. They are the result of a change in the traditional footwear production system in favor of an innovative model, more efficient and friendly, based on an accurate and conscientious selection of the finest natural leathers, a model able to rethink the way of doing business respecting the generations to come.



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